Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I have been busy doing nothing. It seems that time goes much faster now than it did yesterday. Many old friends and comrades and I have touched base once again. It is like a good setup of dominos. I contacted one person and then others contacted me. People I hadn't spoken to in 40 years or see in almost that long a time have E-mailed me a hello and Merry Christmas. It's great hearing from them. I hope to keep some sort of contact.
One of the oldest therapies given to anyone is to keep a positive attitude. I recalling my own experience with battling the beast, I found that believing that I would win, that it would not defeat me was essential. Most people I have seen who have conquered illness or misfortune had one thing in common, they had a positive attitude and did not give up. I know that I still had too much to do. There were too many kids yet to teach, too many poems to write, and and still too much love to give my wife yet. I have also met many people whose lives I have affected for the good since my second victory over cancer.
I guess that I want to tell any of my readers that it is important to be positive and never give up. No matter what beast you are fighting can be beat. God will give you the strength to overcome all. He may not take the beast away, but He will help you to endure and be victorious.
Jesus prayed in the garden to take away His beast of suffering and death. God gave Him the strength to overcome and then He rose on Easter morning. He stayed positive and by His wounds we are saved.
suffering and battling any beast is part of life. It will never go away. To endure and survive is all important. To do that we must be positive that we will be the winner. Here is a presentation of my thought in verse.

The Secret Weapon

The greatest weapon that we can have
In battling the beast so shrewd
Is our minds, our very souls.
We have to possess a good attitude.

We need to be positive
Not complaining of where we are.
Recovery will be with us,
Victory will be ours.

It's all how we look at the battle,
Will we lose or will we win?
Determination is a life-giving virtue,
Depressed resolution a mortal sin.

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  1. Barry,
    A person MUST have a positive attitude or they will die. Anyone can quit, and each time you quit, it becomes easier.
    You have to fight, you have to say with God's help, I can win, and I AM GOING TO WIN.