Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take Time for Yourself

I just got back from a week in Sedona, Az. It was a most relaxing and renewing experience. When we arebattling the beast, we need to remember to take time and try to refresh the soul. It is so exhausting just living with cancer that we don't get the time to heal the spirit as well.
Sedona is in the middle of red rock country. The beauty of the area as well as its spiritual healing does word a certain magic to keep us going. Last year when I was battling cancer for the second time, I wa fortunate to be staying with my brother-in-law who lives 10 minutes from the Pacific Ocean. The calmies lapect of sitting thre and listening to the waves lap upon the shore was very theraputic. It kept me calm and allowed me to go through with the radiation therapy and everything else.
In Sedona, this "feeling" that one feelas is called the "vortex". It is not some extraordinary psychic place, but a place where one can feel the spiritual healing of God. Here in the Vrgas Valley we have a couple of places where you can go for nature's healing. There is Red Rock Park, The Valley of Fire, and Mt. Charleston. There you can see nature at its best. If you are still, you can hear the wind call your name, sooth your brow, and let nature do its part in your healing. It does help.
If any of you have experienced the same thing, please let me & anyone else who reads this know.
God does help us to heal in very natural ways.

The Vortex

The magnifance of this place
Is impossible to capture
in pen on paper; on canvas
Can never reveal the rapture

Of being here wrapped in time,
The completeness of the me.
Never moving, silent revelation
Of what it means to exist, to simply be.

God created this place
To bring us back to where it began.
One magical, mystical moment
Where He touches the heart of man.

God's hand descended from the heavens
To awaken awaken a slumbering entity
Within the meaning of existence,
The soul of infinity.

November, 2009


  1. Beautiful poem, Barry. The blog looks great!

  2. I know w hat you mean about taking a vacation. I always look forward to them, (well, the first 10 days) then I am ready to come home and resume what ever I was pursuing here.

    You and I have traveled some of the same health paths, and we have won the battle, but as of yet, not the war.

    We will.