Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Let that Damn Beast Win

I'm not sure how many people will read this. I have given the address to many. I hope they read it and pass it on that I have a way to share the battle with cancer, or any beast that is ravaging onyone. Thanks Tom, for your kind words. You are in my prayers each day. I pray for your recovery and total victory over the beast.
No one is ever to give up hope or surrender to cancer. We see that it affects all people, the young and old, famouis and not so famous, the rich and poor alike. We must continue to fight to the end, and support one another to live with cance. It does no good to criticize anyone who fights like a certain blond did concerning Patrick Swaze. I applaud Whoppie for saying what she said about the comments. KEEP ON FIGHTING!!!!

Fellow Knights
We must remain united;
Committed to each other,
Companions in an everlasting struggle,
Continual enciuragement for each other.
My ear's for you, to listen
To the battles of a fellow knight
Who daily wrestles with the beast,
Who stands fast in this unending fight.

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